Mindful morning

Morning routine - breathing in calming my mind, breathing out greeting the day.

I used to wake up and immediately start planning the whole day. I was trying to anticipate what would come, mentally rehearsing every possible outcome. It was draining!

And life can feel overwhelming. Between full time jobs, parenting, family obligations, the children’s activities, our activities and social life, I sometimes find it hard to breathe. The stress of everyday life

is one thing, but the worst is the feeling of not doing enough, being enough. The self judgement, guilt and endless rumination. And the things you tell yourself, “if I just plan better, work a little harder, finish this -then I will relax and be happy”. But it actually never stops - if you don’t choose to stop. 

Maybe you can’t change all external factors, but you can choose how you perceive situations. You can change the story you tell yourself and take the time you need for yourself. Starting my day with a short meditation or a yoga flow has been life changing. Even just a few minutes of stillness or a short flow helps me to stay in the present moment. And instead of worrying about anything that might happen, I find more peace and get a better perspective.

No need to overthink, just breathing and trusting that I can handle whatever comes, I’ve got this!

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