Habits for happiness

Happiness isn’t something we just accomplish or achieve, but at the same time we often have to work on it.

Not like in working hard, reaching our goals, being successful. I guess we all know the though ”When I finish this, or accomplish that, then I’ll be happy”. But the list never ends and it’s hard to be happy with a lot pressure and stress going on.

I think happiness is more about the little things in life, and about creating habits to cultivate happiness.

One thing that can actually make you happier is order. Because order is ultimately peace of mind. A clean house, a tidy closet or an organized calendar gives us peace of mind (and a feeling of accomplishment).

And then there is the things we know are good for us, and the things that makes us happy doing them. For me it's yoga, eating healthy and good food, exercise, lots of family time, reading a good book, hangig with my girl friends, travels...

We need to create the space for these things. The little things that nourish us, brings us better health, makes us smile. Do them, stick to them and make them a routine! Build your habits for happiness!

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