A yoga and mindfulness love story

t didn’t start with love at first sight. I did yoga on and off from my mid twenties but I preferred running, weights and HIIT because I thought they gave me a better outcome, as I worked out mostly to look better. 

But life happens and at 37 I lost balance in life. It wasn’t because of one single thing, but ultimately illness in my family got me questioning the purpose of life. I didn’t get it. I had everything, but still I felt unfulfilled and I was scared. Scared because life is so fragile, because everything can end in a second and because I suddenly realized I needed to live for myself not everyone else. And I didn’t know how.

So many things came to the surface. I’ve always been an excellent overthinker and now my mind was working overtime causing me anxiety and leaving me exhausted. 

I don’t even remember the exact moment, but one day I just started doing yoga. It wasn’t something I had thought about for a long time, I just started then and there. With no plan or intention. I guess my body knew something had to change, and somehow yoga was sent my way. So with great inspiration from many wonderful yogis on Instagram I started a practice. 

This second time around I was hooked. I began to feel how yoga not only transformed my body, but also my mind and brought me so much closer to my core than ever before. 

In all times people have come to the safe space of yoga with their wounds, anxiety, broken body and minds to heal, to learn to listen and ultimately to know their truth. 

So did I and I found so much relief. 

Yoga lets me out of my head and into my soul. Yoga cracks me open and silences my worries. It grounds and grows me. It helps me conquer my fears and lets me know that everything I need is inside. 

From yoga I also got introduced to other mindfulness practices. Body scan, meditation and more awareness of how I could live mindfully in my everyday life made a huge difference in how I dealt with difficulties, overthinking and worrying. I was able breathe and stay more present in life. I learned to go from a focus on doing to awareness on being.

I am humble and feel so blessed for being on this journey. It’s not always easy, it’s hard work, dedication, ups and downs. And I still feel confused, I still have more questions than answers. But I can feel my body, hear my own voice and follow my own heart in a way that I couldn’t do before. 

And yoga and mindfulness is not only what I do on the mat, it’s with me in everything I do now. This mindful moment is my power, my freedom, a tremendous gift. 

So I guess when people ask me why I do this, why I’m training to be a mindfulness instructor -  the answer is to give back. To inspire others by doing what inspires me. 

Mindful living is something we could all benefit from and now more than ever the world needs a shift towards more compassion, patience, presence and love. 

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